About “(h)Why”

At a time long past, a manuscript was prepared that could change our understanding of the human experience as originally intended. If accurate, it would clear up much, if not all, of the confusion and inconsistency that Bible critics point to continuously, without resorting to a “mystery” to explain them.

It went substantially unnoticed — until now.

This is part of the story of that manuscript.

For a new look at mankind, his condition on Earth and how spirituality fits into the equation, we suggest that the subject has never been presented like this before.

Why are we here? Why did Adam and Eve eat the “fruit”? How are the angels, and Lucifer involved? But, this is not what you might expect. You should be pleasantly surprised. But, no matter what your response — and whether you believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible or not — this story is not impossible, and does not seem to contradict the Bible.

Could this be the answer we are looking for?

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