If you get this book, it is guaranteed that you will have no valid complaints.
It is most likely not what you expect. 
If it is what you expect, then you can’t complain. 
If it’s not what you expect, you were just told you it wasn’t, so you can’t complain.
It’s less than 15 bucks, and most likely you will enjoy it. 
You will probably misplace 15 bucks next week and not even notice it. 
You might even learn something, … about the world, …and about yourself. 
It may even change you a little, … or a lot. 
It’s worth it. Even if it just makes you laugh – especially if it makes you laugh!

The only valid complaint you may have is that you paid for it and didn’t receive it. That complaint we want to hear about.

Remember, you have to read it before you can complain.

(Go for it!)

Take a chance. We think you will be happy.

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If you have read the book and still want to complain:

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