Be warned.

Sometimes it is not that easy to put things back where they were. 
You can’t very easily get all of the toothpaste back in the tube once you have squeezed it out. 
It’s not that easy to forget things.
Once you are exposed to certain things they can change you forever. 
Ten or twenty words said in the right order, at the right time can change you forever.

Enter at your own risk, but enjoy what you are given.

Don’t worry, you are not going to get boils, leprosy, or any other disease, and you won’t go insane (from the writings any way). But you may start to view the world around you differently.

Possible side effects may include relaxation, enlightenment, short chuckles, giggles, laughter (depending on religious history), and disgust (in a small percentage of the population). If you are under the care of an organized religious organization, you should consult your religious-care professional before reading this book. Not suitable for people with closed minds or people who are satisfied with their current religious beliefs. Good feelings are a potential risk in a significant segment of the population.

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  1. JoDee Prickett says:

    I found this website as a link from the webpage on Anton Lavey

    I LOVE this site, and can’t wait until I have the money to order this book! I’ve been continually seaRching for the REAL truth of the Bible, and that Satan is NOT evil and that the book of Revelation is a VISION, NOT a prophecy.
    I love to do research and I found the meaning of the number of the Beast, 666.

    May you be blessed for offering this book :)

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