Have you ever wondered why…

…people act the way they do?
…God appeared to people in the Bible, but doesn’t appear around your neighborhood these days, or the neighborhood of anyone you know?
…the God of the Old Testament seems so mean, vindictive and intent on people worshiping him? 
…we don’t see angels (or devils) (anymore)? Or at least we don’t know it if we do see them.
…there are so many questions that religions tell us not to ask?
…we are so sure that the “possessed” people in the bible were just mentally “ill”?
…anyone, or any group, thinks they know the whole story – about anything?

Could there be answers to these questions?
Are the answers right in front of (or right behind) anyone who just looks around a little?
Do you want to explore the possibility that there are answers to questions like these?
Should we consider the possibility that the Bible does make sense, and that we just know know all of the facts?

If you would like to take a somewhat light and enjoyable trip into possible explanations, then continue.

We don’t want to waste your time leading you down some path to a disappointing end. So right up front – we emphasize that this is a collections of writings about God, Lucifer, mankind, and the relationship between them.

But don’t leave yet. It is not what you might think.

Is it serious? It should be. “God” sounds like pretty serious and important stuff. 
Is it enjoyable? We hope so. Some might even call it fun. 
Can it change your life? Who cares, if it’s fun. 
Ironically though, it could change your life if you are open minded, and willing to think a little.

We think you will enjoy it, if you just keep an open mind, and remember that your life should be worth living, and it should be enjoyable; and, most of all, remember that maybe, just maybe, we can’t blame everything on God.

We have avoided disclosing too much about the book on purpose. We think you should experience the readings as you go through them, at least the first time through. Reading, like life, should be a journey that you experience as you go, not just a sightseeing trip where someone tells you where to look and what to expect around each turn in the road. Life is better that way. Reading is better that way. Further, any sample of this book, taken out of context, will be misleading with regard to the whole work. As one passage says, “Read it all, or don’t read it at all.”

As we prepared these pages we thought: ‘How do you sell something without telling anyone what it really is?’ Perhaps we only care about selling it to the curious; or those who want to take a chance on a new approach; or those who are just tired of hearing the same explanations about God in a world that can no longer see Him.

It is not that important to us to have everyone agree with the writings.

It is not that important to us that everyone reads these writings.

It will suffice if a few read it.

It would actually be enough if just one person reads it and says, ‘I feel better now.’

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